Proposal for a Directive on consumer rights final text accomplished

Jeudi, 30 Juin, 2011

Since the publication of the proposed Consumer Rights Directive by the European Commission in October 2008, DSE has underlined that it supports the objective of any European consumer policy to stimulate the functioning (the transfer of goods and services) of the Internal Market of the 27 Member States as well as to create a fair balance between the interests of consumers and enterprises.

DSE is pleased to congratulate the European Parliament and the IMCO Committee in particular on the adoption of the final text of the Consumer Rights Directive on 23 June. DSE firmly supports this final Directive text as it introduces uniform, clear, concise and unambiguous rules for direct selling situations all over the European Union providing concrete and clear benefits for both consumers and businesses.

DSE Members wish to thank the European Parliament for adopting a legislative text that is largely in line with its positions and suggestions, protecting the direct selling industry and ensuring future development and success for both businesses and the millions of independent entrepreneurs that are active in the sector.

DSE Members would have liked to have seen full harmonisation of all aspects relating to direct selling as well as a starting point of the withdrawal period at the signing of the order form and having avoided the ban on payments during the withdrawal period in Belgium and France altogether. DSE Members are convinced however that these three points are partly compensated for by the advantages offered by the legal certainty and flexibility laid down in the new Consumer Rights Directive.

DSE Members hope that the governments of those countries that ban payments during the withdrawal period will re-consider their position based on the advances in consumer protection laid down in the new Consumer Rights Directive.

We remain available for any further comments or clarification.

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