Lux International continues its global expansion in 2012 with a sales growth of 11%

Jeudi, 2 Mai, 2013

Lux International, the Switzerland based leading direct sales company for premium healthy home products, continues its global expansion in 2012 with a sales growth of +11%, completing the best year in its corporate history for the 3rd consecutive time.

In 2012 the Swiss based company Lux International AG was able to realise a solid sales growth of +11%, thanks to a stable performance in its core European markets and significant growth in its newer markets in Asia Pacific and Australia. 
2012 was a demanding yet successful year for the Lux Group, according to its CEO Reto von der Becke:
"We were able to realise another solid increase in our top line sales revenue in what was without a doubt a demanding market environment across the globe. The primary factors for this successful result came from a continued focused development of our core business direct sales, from an industry-wide recognised training and leadership development programs for our sales consultants and sales leaders and from our ongoing investment into cutting edge innovative healthy home products that address real needs of our customers. These are the pillars we build our future on to make our vision come true: to become the world’s No 1 direct sales company for premium healthy home products.”
The group was able to realise a solid to excellent business development in almost all its core markets, with exceptional developments having taken place in a number of countries including Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary and Spain. What further accelerated the group’s turnover in 2012 was a successful development of the company’s sales organisations in Asia Pacific, where Lux operates since several years in a joint venture partnership with Eureka Forbes, India’s leading direct sales company. Furthermore, 2012 saw the market entry of Lux International into the Australian market, where promising results were realised with the Lux Intelligence cleaning system in its first year of operation.
According to CEO Reto von der Becke, 2013 is expected to be another demanding yet successful year for the Lux Group, where a strong focus is put on the recruitment of new sales partners, the opening of new sales offices and the start of sales operations in the USA, Mauritius and the Middle East. In 2012 the company also signed off on a new strategic business plan for the years to come, branded as “Vision 2016 – from Good to Great”.
Lux International is a privately owned company based in Zug, Switzerland. Since 1901 Lux is one of Europe’s leading direct sales companies and operates in 36 countries across the globe, with a mix of fully owned subsidiaries and exclusive national distributors. Its sales volume is exceeding $200 Million, and together with its partners from the “Lux Partnership Alliance”, Eureka Forbes India and Forbes Lux Group Switzerland, the group of companies realised a joint turnover of over $500 Million in 2012.

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