Lux International and Forbes Lux Group continue their global expansion

Jeudi, 1 Octobre, 2015

Forbes Lux, the in 2013 newly founded global group of Lux International Switzerland and Eureka Forbes India, continued its growth path in 2014, realising a new record result in global revenues, with a turnover of over $500 Million and a sales growth of +7%. This positive sales development could also be continued in a very demanding market environment in 2015, completing the first half of the year with a growth in sales of further +7%.  

According to CEO Reto von der Becke, 2014 and also the first 6 months of 2015 were periods with several challenges but also with many exciting opportunities arising: “Our operations in India continue to enjoy healthy double digit growth rates, as a result of strong growth in the market itself and thanks to our strong position in India as the undisputed market leader in water purification and floor care, across distribution channels. We have also been able to realise double digit growth rates in other key markets, such as Latin America, parts of Asia Pacific and also recently again South Africa. In Europe at large, the last 18 months have been somewhat more demanding, with growth more or less flat and a business currently undergoing a fundamental process of change".

Mr. von der Becke also said that Lux Forbus is "focusing on a selected number of defined strategic efforts aimed at developing new channels in reaching our customers, and by developing additional product segments with a highly attractive and relevant proposition in the market, such as air, water and also Professional, complementing our traditional floor care segment. As a result, several markets in Europe have already started to deliver healthy growth rates again in the first 6 months of 2015, led by traditional Lux operations in countries such as Finland, Norway, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. We are very confident that also our other core markets in Hungary, Germany and Austria will return to growth already in the months to come".

One example of this readiness to selectively look at new business opportunities is the recent launch of Lux Aqua, a range of high quality water dispensers for commercial customers, offering a very price attractive, convenient and environmental friendly alternative to companies wanting to offer their employees free healthy drinking water. According to the company, this new B2B segment offers exciting growth perspectives, and Lux will roll out this system to a selected number of markets in the months to come, now that the initial pilot test of Lux Aqua in Hungary has been successfully completed. 

According to CEO Reto von der Becke, the company’s vision for the future is well defined: “In 2021, Lux International wants to be an even more global market leader for premium products ensuring a healthy and pollution-free home and workplace, improving the quality of living of its customers. Lux will be a successfully growing, consistently profitable company offering relevant, proven, trusted and competitive healthy home solutions to our customers and ensuring a people oriented, attractive workplace for our Lux staff and partners, centred around the Lux employment values of pride, earning, learning and fun.” For further information please visit our website under or contact Birgit Pfister under


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