DSE welcomes new EU legislation on out-of-court dispute resolution

Mercredi, 13 Mars, 2013

DSE welcomes the adoption by the EU Parliament, on 12 March 2013, of two new sets of laws for out-of court dispute resolution on contractual obligations derived from sales or service contracts between businesses and consumers:

The ADR and ODR entities will act as neutral decision-makers and either propose or impose solutions to bring both parties together with the aim of facilitating the conclusion of settlements, within 90 days. These entities range from consumer/business arbitrators, ombudsmen, arbitration or conciliation bodies, depending on the Member State, and they are deemed to be money-saving for consumers and businesses alike. The ADR Directive builds on the national entities which already exist and harmonises the rules in terms of cross-border cooperation between such bodies all around the EU. The ODR Regulation is dependent on fully-functioning ADR entities, serving as a precondition for the proper functioning of the ODR Regulation, and its online platform will be accessible via the ‘Your Europe’ portal.

The ADR Directive will be transposed into national legislation within 2 years after its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union while the ODR Regulation will be actively in force after the ADR Directive has been fully transposed into Member States.

Additional information can be found here.