DSE Board of Directors meets in Berlin

Jeudi, 12 Octobre, 2017

Today, DSE held its  Board of Directors meeting following Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland (BDD)'s General Assembly and the commemoration of its 50th anniversary in Berlin.

The participants had the opportunity to be briefed by DSE's Managing Director about the most relevant legislative developments in the EU and were informed about the main successes attained by DSE. 

Among other issues, Mr. Cano Arias informed about DSE's reply to the second public consultation on the targeted revision of EU consumer law directives, currently being undertaken by the European Commission. DSE reiterated that (1) the EU consumer acquis is broadly fit for purpose, (2) various definitions mentioned in the questionnaire are completely inaccurate and misleading, (3) the correct implementation and enforcement of EU legislation must become a priority, (4) penalties need to be effective and dissuasive but also proportionate in relation to the breach, and (5) it opposes any Commission's potential proposal allowing Member States to introduce bans against doorstep selling.

The Board also discussed about the ongoing trends and challenges affecting the direct selling sector in Europe and abroad. The participants welcomed the 3Q 2017 financial performance and approved the draft amended budget for 2018, praising the Secretariat for the successful management of the Association.

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