Direct Selling Europe (DSE) unifies sustainable Direct Selling sector

Lundi, 26 Octobre, 2009

DSE invites all direct selling companies (and national Associations) that feel they would fulfill the DSE requirements to apply for DSE Membership and join the unique group of companies and Associations.

The European Direct Selling Association DSE that represents sustainable direct selling companies and national associations continues to grow. Three companies, Nutrimetics (, Dr Phil. Egon Mueller Services and Victoria Benelux ( have joined the ranks of the DSE sustainable direct selling companies that offer honest and long-term income earning opportunities to its sales agents and distributors and that go beyond national legislation to give the protection to consumers that they are entitled to.

A steadily increasing number of companies are lined up to join the Association during the months to come reinforcing the fundamental need for the Association and its strategic positioning of differentiation for its Members.

With this powerful position in mind, a recent DSE CEO summit in Germany confirmed that DSE welcomes any and all direct selling companies (and national Associations) that operate in line with DSE standards and requirements.

DSE Members are every day more convinced that their strategic choice to create the organization in 2007 was the right choice to protect their businesses and influence the legislative process in Brussels in an optimal way.

The key requirements to be a Member of DSE are that companies (or Members in case of a national association):

  • have the highest regard for consumer rights and consumer protection
  • operate based on principles, ethics and sustainable business practices.
  • distribute products of undisputed reputation and quality
  • offer any interested independent entrepreneur an honest and long-term opportunity to earn an income
  • respect national legislations and go beyond to the point where EU Institutions and various Member State Governments do not need to police DSE Members
  • ensure a large part of their production in the EU
  • operate based on the highest standards in the business

The continued growth of Membership at DSE during the months and years to come will ultimately allow for the unification of the entire sustainable direct selling sector under the aegis of DSE.

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