Direct Selling Europe (DSE) continues push for Full Harmonisation in Consumer Rights

Mardi, 27 Octobre, 2009

Glenn Drake, Chairman of Direct Selling Europe (DSE), today announces further efforts of the DSE to achieve a full harmonization of the Consumer Rights in the EU. “The target of new consumer protection legislation needs to be aimed at all EU citizens and businesses equally. It needs to define the optimal level of protection for European consumers across all Member States whilst stimulating trade and avoiding to hamper business” said Mr Drake.

Cross-border transactions in the European Internal Market and in Direct Selling in particular continue to be burdened by legislative, fiscal and other hurdles. Creating a true Internal Market for all European consumers and businesses and removing barriers to cross-border trade remain of top priorities for Direct Selling Europe (DSE), the trade association representing half of the European direct selling sector[1].

In February of this year the Competitiveness Council already underlined the importance of improving the Internal Market in its Key Issues Paper 2009 - contribution from the Competitiveness Council to the Spring European Council. It states that “Particular attention should be given to the proposed Directive on Consumer Rights, which should lead to improved functioning of the internal market to the benefit of consumers and businesses, […]. Efforts should be pursued to increase confidence of consumers and businesses in the internal market. Focusing on eliminating factors that make business-to-consumers cross-border transactions more difficult is essential for boosting performance of the internal market.

DSE expresses its full endorsement to the recent further impetus given to continue to develop and improve the Internal Market at the highest levels in the European Institutions by Mr Barroso, President of the Commission who this week entrusted Mr Mario Monti with the mission of preparing a report on the re-launch of the single Market. As Mr Barroso announced in his Political Guidelines, “the Single Market requires renewed political determination so that it can withstand the threat of economic nationalism and fulfil all its potential”. DSE fully endorses this stance.

DSE also commends the actions suggested by Commissioner Kuneva in her communication of 16 October 2009 on the EC E-Commerce final report. Simplification of “the legal maze” is and should be a top priority for Europe.

Commissioner Kuneva rightly underlines that it is essential to “create a simple, single set of rights for EU consumers such as laid down in the proposal for the Consumer Rights Directive, which aims to replace the current confusing patchwork of laws with one simple EU-wide set of rights, offering equal protection to consumers while reducing compliance costs for retailers and offering them legal clarity”.

DSE is convinced that “Full Harmonisation of Consumer Rights in the Internal Market is the most appropriate way to achieve the objectives of a strong Internal Market” and commends the European Commission’s actions.

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