Commission improves access to information on unfair commercial practices via an online database

Mardi, 16 Août, 2011

The Commission launched an online database to make legal data on unfair commercial practices publicly available. Directive 2005/29/EC on Unfair Commercial Practices lays down harmonised rules for the fight against unfair commercial practices and contributes to a high level of consumer protection. It ensures that consumers are not misled or exposed to aggressive marketing and that any claim made by traders in the EU is clear, accurate and substantiated, enabling consumers to make informed and meaningful choices. The new web-site constitutes an important tool to develop a common understanding and a convergence of practices when implementing and applying the Directive.

Besides the Directive on Unfair Commercial Practices and the Commission’s Guidance on applying the Directive, the website also contains a legal database of laws and jurisprudence of the Member States related to the Directive, as well as other relevant material such as any relevant academic work. The Keywords section allows users to search the entire database starting from numerous suggested keywords while the Search section enables users to perform a full-text search. For example, a search for “pyramid schemes” refers you to Annex I al1 14 in the UCP Directive where the phrase is mentioned as well as to a Belgian Supreme Court case and three related legal literature entries.

The content of the website will be regularly updated to include new developments in the domain.