Austrian Direct Selling Association Handelsverband joins DSE

Lundi, 13 Décembre, 2010

Austrian Direct Selling Association Handelsverband joins DSE

Handelsverband, the Austrian Retail Association represents the direct selling, stationary retail and distance selling industry in Austria. We formally joined DSE on 11 December 2010. The leading direct sellers active in Austria joined Handelsverband in 1985. It is a non-profit association. Members of the Austrian DSA are: AMC, Donauland, ENJO, Jafra, Lux, Party-Lite, Pierre-Lang, Tupperware, Verlagsservice and Vorwerk.

Together the Handelsverband Members provide earnest income earning opportunities to many Austrians. For more information on Handelsverband, please visit their website on: For more information on Direct Selling Europe please visit

DSE and it Members are pleased to welcome Handelsverband and look forward to further enhancing the strong voice of the European sustainable and ethical Direct Selling sector.